Ssalefish GSO First Look #1 for 4.5.17


First, an introduction! My name is Stephen Mayer and I'm one of the managing partners of the new Ssalefish Comics location in Greensboro along with Jay Ewing and Ssalefish Winston owner Bret Parks. It's been a dream of mine to own a store of my own ever since I began helping Bret prep his new comics on Wednesday mornings back in...2005? So welcome to my dream come true 12 years later!

We're not ready to open for regular business hours in the Gate City quite yet, BUT if you'd like to make a special order via the "Shipping Next Week" page or would like to set up your subscription pull list now, we'll be happy to accommodate, and you can come pick up your books during the posted business hours here starting Wednesday, April 5th at 8 AM (for the earliest new releases in the Triad)!

Now the lowdown on this blog! The new "Shipping Next Week" widget doesn't update until Friday morning, but we know what's coming out by Wednesday, and I don't like keeping you guys in the dark, so I'll give you a jump on things every Thursday, right here. This will also help clarify what's going where since both locations won't have all of the same items at the same time (but a special order from W-S or GSO is never a problem and can typically be filled the very next day)!

I embolden the books that I'll be taking home to add to my personal collection, but I still read a breath of other books, so don't be afraid to ask my opinion on anything when you're in the store.

Even though I don't list them individually, we do carry all variants for the DC Rebirth titles as well as many other alternate and limited edition covers, so feel free to inquire.

The following titles are scheduled to ship on Wednesday, April 5th, excluding some re-orders and providing nothing changes by the time the final invoice arrives on Monday:

  • Adventure Time #63
  • All-New Wolverine #19
  • America #2
  • Amory Wars Good Apollo #1
  • Animal Noir #3
  • Aquaman #20
  • Avengers #6
  • Batman #20
  • Baltimore Red Kingdom #3
  • Batgirl & the Birds of Prey TP #1
  • Black Cloud #1 - from the mind of Jason Latour, co-creator of Southern Bastards and Spider-Gwen!
  • Brave Chef Brianna #2
  • Bullseye #3
  • Captain America Steve Rogers #15
  • Champions #7
  • Colossi #1
  • Cyborg #11
  • DC Bombshells #25
  • Deathstroke #16
  • Doctor Who Ghost Stories #1
  • Eleanor & the Egret #1
  • Everafter From the pages of Fables #8
  • Extremity #2 - look for the fantastic Green Leader mini comic by Extremity creator Daniel Warren Johnson on the shelves of Ssalefish Greensboro when we open up in early April!
  • Faith #10
  • Fall & Rise of Captain Atom #4
  • Flintstones #10
  • Giant Days #25
  • Goldie Vance #11
  • Green Arrow #20
  • Green Arrow TP #2
  • Green Lanterns #20
  • Harley Quinn #17
  • Hawkeye #5
  • Injustice Ground Zero #9
  • Invader Zim #18
  • Iron Fist #2
  • James Bond #2
  • Jem & the Holograms #25
  • Jessica Jones #7
  • Jughead #14
  • Justice League #18
  • Kill Shakespeare Past is Prologue Juliet #1
  • Kim Reaper #1
  • Little Archie one-shot
  • Love & Rockets #2
  • Nightwing #18
  • Nova #5
  • Paper Girls #13
  • Penny Dreadful #1
  • Revolution Aw Yeah #1
  • Riverdale #1 - one of the great surprises in entertainment for me and my wife Carly in 2017 has been how much we love this show. I know I shouldn't have been shocked after the success of the relaunch in 2015 and Afterlife with Archie writer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa serving as an executive producer, but we're sucked in!
  • Rock Candy Mountain - my buddy Chris Schweizer is handling the coloring for the hilarious Kyle Starks in this new book from Image Comics that promises the most hobo fights in any 22 page comic you've ever read!
  • Royals #1
  • Savage Things #2
  • Scooby Doo Where Are You #80
  • Shade the Changing Girl #7
  • Slapstick #5
  • Slayer Repentless #2
  • Sovereigns #0
  • Spider-man #15
  • Spider-man/ Deadpool #16
  • Spider-man Homecoming Prelude #2
  • SpongeBob Comics TP #1 - FINALLY! My pals Gregg Schigiel & Jacob Chabot have stories in here, and Greensboro's own Brian "Smitty" Smith drew the cover for, I believe, issue #2!
  • Star Wars #30
  • Star Wars Rogue One Adaptation #1 - including the John Tyler Christopher Jyn Erso Action Figure and Mike Mayhew Star Wars 40th Anniversary variants!
  • Sun Bakery #2
  • Superman #20
  • Tank Girl World War Tank Girl #1
  • They're Not Like Us #15
  • Uncanny Avengers #22
  • Walking Dead #166
  • We Stand on Guard TP
  • Woods #31
  • X-Men Gold #1

Also shipping next week:

  • DC Icons Cyborg Deluxe figures
  • DC Icons Static Milestone figures
  • DC Icons Swamp Thing figures
  • DC Icons Wonder Woman figures
Stephen Mayer