Ssalefish GSO First Look #93 for 1.16.19

Posting a little late today because I was throwing some color on the homage to our Ssalefish exclusive Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #1 variant by Francesco Francavilla that Chris Giarrusso drew for me as a Christmas present!*

Greensboro Comicon is really this weekend! We’re once again a co-sponsor of our hometown show, primarily presented by Ultimate Comics out of Durham, Cary & Raleigh. We’re rolling out our usual set-up, with thirty-one long boxes of $1 comics (or 20 for $10), six boxes of $5 graphic novels (or 5 for $20), two boxes of complete sets (priced as marked), three master cases of $5 Pops (or 5 for $20), and the combined might of the GSO and Winston backwall! Jay and Colton will mainly be working the booth while I hold down the fort at the shop. Show hours are Saturday 10 AM - 6 PM and Sunday 11 AM - 5 PM at the Marriott downtown!

Also, tomorrow is Hannah’s last day at the store (for now...)! She’ll be returning for a second semester of work at Disneyworld, specifically EPCOT’s Photopass department, and we wish her all the best (and for her to send us any Marvel or Star Wars park exclusives). You can follow along with her new adventure on Instagram

*More boring process stuff about coloring at the bottom!

The following titles are scheduled to ship on Wednesday, January 16th excluding some re-orders and providing nothing changes by the time the final invoice arrives on Monday: 

  • Adventure Time Marcy & Simon #1 - another mini series following up on the conclusion of the beloved cartoon!
  • Amazing Spider-man #13 - Phil Noto Marvel 80th anniversary variant available! 
  • Appalachian Apocalypse #1
  • Asgardians of the Galaxy #5
  • Avatar Tsu Tey’s Path #1 - the blue guys from James Cameron, NOT the Nickelodeon cartoon! 
  • Babyteeth #14
  • Batman Who Laughs #2
  • Battlestar Galactica Classic #3
  • Black Badge #6
  • Black Hammer #1 Director’s Cut
  • Black Panther #8 - Jamal Campbell Guardians of the Galaxy variant available! 
  • Black Widow #1
  • Breakneck #2
  • Burnouts #5
  • Catwoman #7 - Artgerm is out, Freedom Fighters’ Ben Oliver is in on the variat cover!
  • Conan the Barbarian #2
  • Dark Ark #13
  • Days of Hate #12 - final issue!
  • Deadly Class #36 - returning just in time to coincide with the new series officially debuts on Syfy! 
  • Death of Captain Marvel TP - a true classic by Jim Starlin, presenting the last days of Mar-Vell! 
  • Death Orb #4
  • Detective Comics #996 - part 3 of the countdown to 1,000! 
  • Dick Tracy Dead or Alive #3
  • Disney Frozen Breaking Boundaries TP
  • Dog Man HC vol. 6
  • Electric Warriors #3
  • Elvira Mistress of the Dark #4
  • Encounter #10 - our final issue of the all-ages superhero epic I colored for Art Baltazar, Franco & Chris G. is finally here! 
  • Fantastic Four #6 - Pasquel Ferry Guardians of the Galaxy, Phil Noto Marvel 80th anniversary, and a mystery variant are available! 
  • Farmhand TP vol. 1
  • Firefly #3
  • Flash #62
  • From Hell Master Edition #3
  • Ghostbusters IDW 2020 #1
  • Gideon Falls #10
  • Goddess Mode #2
  • Hawkman #8
  • House of Whispers #5
  • I Want to Eat Your Panceas TP - I think the name either sells you on this one or it doesn’t. 
  • Incredible Hulk Ghosts of the Future Epic Collection TP
  • Invaders #1
  • Ironheart #2
  • Isola #6 - it’s the return of one of the most beautiful comics on the shelves! Get a FREE prologue story original published as a back-up in Motor Crush when you grab the new issue, and the $9.99 first paperback is available now!
  • James Bond Origin #5
  • Judge Dredd Toxic #3
  • Justice League Dark #7
  • Life of Captain Marvel TP
  • Lodger #3
  • Man Without Fear #3
  • Marvel Comics Presents #1 - Wolverine is back on the scene in full force, including in his resurrected team-up book! 
  • Marvel Tales Venom #1 - reprinting Venom’s first cover story (Amazing Spider-man #316), the first apppearance of Carnage (Amazing Spider-man #361), and a Black Cat story for good measure (Spectacular Spider-man #119), all under a new Jen Bartel cover!
  • Middlewest #3
  • Red Hood Outlaw #30
  • Return of Wolverine #4
  • Robotech #16
  • Shadowman #11
  • Sonic the Hedgehog #12
  • Spawn Kills Everyone Too #2
  • Spider-man/ Deadpool #44
  • Star Trek vs. Transformers #4 - final issue! The final page of #3 needs to be seen to be believed! 
  • Star Wars Age of the Republic Special #1
  • Suicide Squad #50
  • Supergirl #26 - Stanley “Artgerm” Lau is BACK! 
  • Superman #7
  • Titans #33
  • TMNT IDW 2020 #1
  • TMNT Shredder in Hell #1
  • Transformers Historia #1 - IDW closes the book on their previous Transformers continuity before starting up again in March! 
  • True Believers Conan Curse of the Golden Skull #1 - reprinting Conan the Barbarian #37 for $1!
  • True Believers Conan Queen of the Black Coast #1  - reprinting Conan the Barbarian #58 for $1!
  • Uncanny X-Men #10 - ending the weekly run before the dawn of the Age of X-Man! 
  • Venom #10 - Phil Noto Marvel 80th anniversary variant available! 
  • Walk Through Hell #7
  • Warning #3
  • What If? Classic TP vol. 1
  • White Widow #1
  • Wicked & Divine #41
  • Wonder Woman #62

Also shipping next week: 

  • DC Gallery Shazam Comic PVC Statue
  • King Kong of Skull Island 7” Figure
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Morpher Green & White Edition - Toys ‘r’ Us exclusive no more!

I’m between regular coloring work at the moment, and I’ve been exploring new tools on my new iPad Pro while I wait for a mobile, full version of Photoshop to be released later this year, so I asked Chris & Smitty for some pieces to practice (Smitty’s Rick & Morty will be next). Chris sent the original scan, I set it up in Photoshop on my laptop (increased the blacks & white Levels, blew out the Contrast a few times, converted it to Bitmap to remove all of the in-between lines, made the whites transparent), put it in my Dropbox, and then exported it into Clip Studio (formerly Manga Studio) to work. The interface was clunkier than Procreate, which seems to be everyone’s favorite, but it was still more like what I’m used to on Ps and the aliased lines are what I’ve learned as the industry standard for coloring, at least for print.

This is also the first time I’ve composed one of these blogs on the Squarespace app, also on my iPad, so please excuse any difficulties! 

Stephen Mayer