Ssalefish GSO First Look #98 for 2.20.19

Left - a Chris Giarrusso cover recreation to Gabriel Ba’s Dark Horse 100 variant of Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #1 • Right - a print of James Jeans cover of Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #2 signed by Jean and Gerard Way as a “thank you” for supporting the series from the beginning!

Left - a Chris Giarrusso cover recreation to Gabriel Ba’s Dark Horse 100 variant of Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #1 • Right - a print of James Jeans cover of Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #2 signed by Jean and Gerard Way as a “thank you” for supporting the series from the beginning!

Desert Island Top 5 Comics in no particular order: All-Star Superman, New Frontier, Casanova, Scott Pilgrim, and The Umbrella Academy. Tonight, as I did in 2008 before the Justice League animated adaptation of Darwyn Cooke’s beloved opus of DC and 2010 before Edgar Wright’s cult-smash debut (I’ve never watched the ASS DC feature and I’ll probably never have to worry about this with Cass), I’ll read the first two collections one last time with whatever my brain can come up with for their voices before the actors replace them forever.

I don’t have any harrowing story about why I love UA so much. I was just unpacking Free Comic Book Day boxes one night in April 2007 and a James Jean cover popped out at me. WIth further examination, I saw that it was written by Way, frontman of My Chemical Romance, a band that I liked, but didn’t really love the way I did Fall Out Boy or Blink-182.

The next thing I knew I was tweeting in a feverish state about the waves of inspiration I was getting off the page and asking Bret to borrow a C-note to buy the original version of the variant Chris G. did above from Zombie Mark.

I’m pretty sure in the house I have EVERY piece of Umbrella merchandise ever produced, from the con exclusive and limited edition variants to patches & pins, and yes, even the umbrella (I foolishly opened my PVC figure set when it came out, and Rumor’s ankles were made too small and over time she leaned forward and broke, but I’m not shelling out $200 [especially right after I bought ANOTHER guitar] when I still have the completionist badge to wear around).

Now I’m caught between having my love validated to the world (I love this description of “Wes Anderson [as] a Misanthrope”), which was clearly the case with Scott Pilgrim, and having the franchises popularity blow up Stranger Things-style to the point that I’ll never have everything again, and the show just sucking, Gerard Way quitting comics Jon Favreau-style on Iron Man Viva Las Vegas, and me always associating the comic with something I hate.

However bad it is, I’m pretty sure it’ll be better than Doom Patrol, another property that Gerard Way has written, that DC Universe has decided to butt-heads against Netflix over tomorrow.

Find out what happens tomorrow as I take the day off from the shop to live-tweet all 10 episodes!

The following titles are scheduled to ship on Wednesday, February 20th excluding some re-orders and providing nothing changes by the time the final invoice arrives on Monday:

  • Adventure Time Marcy & Simon #2

  • Age of X-Men Amazing Nightcrawler #1 - In-Hyuk Lee connecting variant available for cover price!

  • Amazing Spider-man TP vol. 2

  • American Carnage #4

  • Anthem #1

  • Aquaman #45 - Cully Hamner variant available for cover price!

  • Avengers #15 - Gerardo Parel Captain Marvel variant available!

  • Avengers No Road Home #2

  • Barbarella/ Dejah Thoris #2

  • Batman #65 - “The Price” part 3 and Jeffery Alan Love variant available for cover price!

  • Beauty TP vol. 5

  • Beneath the Dark Crystal #7

  • Bitter Root #4

  • Black Badge #7

  • Black Lightning Brick City Blues TP

  • Black Order #4

  • Black Widow #2

  • Bloodbourne #9

  • Breakneck #3

  • Bully Wars TP vol. 1

  • Captain America TP vol. 1

  • Catwoman #8 - Tony Daniel variant available for cover price!

  • Coda #9

  • Crackdown #1

  • Damage #14

  • Dazzler #1 Facsimile Edition

  • Deadpool Secret Agent Deadpool TP

  • Doctor Strange #11

  • Ducktales #18

  • East of West #41

  • Elseworlds Justice League TP vol. 3

  • Evolution #14

  • Exorsisters #5

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man #3

  • Ghost Rider TP vol. 1 - with as many books as I read, what characters DON’T I like? Punisher, Hulk, and Ghost Rider. But even with that easily retrievable response, this is the best Ghost Rider I’ve ever read, written by Jason Aaron when he was pretty much just doing this and Scalped and The Other Side at Vertigo!

  • Go-Bots #4

  • Guardians of the Galaxy #2 - Matteo Scalera variant available!

  • He-Man & the Masters of the Universe Omnibus HC

  • High Crimes TP

  • High Level #1

  • Hot Lunch Special #5

  • Hulkverines #1 - it’s exactly when it sounds like, Wolverine & the Hulk vs. Weapon H, who is both Wolverine AND the Hulk!

  • Incursion #1

  • James Bond 007 #4

  • Judge Dredd Toxic #4

  • Jughead the Hunter #12

  • Justice League #18 - Will Conrad variant available for cover price!

  • Lone Ranger #5

  • Love Romances #1

  • Lucifer #5

  • Lumberjanes #59

  • Mad Magazine #6

  • Mars Attacks #5

  • Marvel Power of a Girl HC

  • Marvel’s Avengers Endgame #3 - final issue!

  • Middlewest #4

  • Miles Morales Spider-man #3 - movie variant available!

  • Monstress #20

  • Naomi #2

  • Nightwing #57 - Jeff Dekal variant available for cover price!

  • Old Man Hawkeye TP vol. 2

  • Old Man Quill #2

  • Outpost Zero #7

  • Punisher TP vol. 1

  • Rainbow Brite #4

  • Relay #4

  • Return of Wolverine #5 - final issue!

  • RWBY Manga Anthology TP vol. 4

  • Savage Dragon #242

  • Scooby Doo Where Are You #97

  • Seven to Eternity #13

  • Sharkey Bounty Hunter #1 - new from Netflix, Mark Millar, and Simone Bianchi!

  • Shuri #5

  • Sonic the Hedgehog TP vol. 2

  • Star Wars Adventures #18

  • Star Wars Solo #5

  • Starcraft Soldiers #2

  • Stronghold #1

  • Sukeban Turbo #4 - final issue!

  • Teen Titans #27 - Alex Garner continues his excellent series of cover price variants!

  • Terminator Sector War #3

  • TMNT Urban Legends #10

  • Transmetropolitan TP vol. 1

  • True Believers Captain Marvel Binary #1

  • True Believers Captain Marvel Earth’s Mightiest Hero #1

  • True Believers Captain Marvel Kree/ Skrull War #1

  • Turok #2

  • Uncanny X-Men #12 - Superlog character variant available for cover price!

  • Unstoppable Wasp #5

  • Urusei Yatsura TP vol. 1

  • Venom #11 - Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons puts a bow on the “feud” between Alan Moore and Donny Cates with a special variant cover homage to the greatest graphic novel of all time!

  • West Coast Avengers TP vol. 1

  • Wildstorm #20

  • Witcher #3

  • Wolverine Infinity Watch #1 - discover what Wolverine did between getting his hands on the Infinity Space at the end of Marvel Legacy #1 and relinquishing its power to Black Widow!

  • X-O Manowar #24