Ssalefish GSO First Look #69 for 7.25.18

As usual, there's a LOT going on this week! Jay & I made a house call this Sunday and ended up buying 3 long boxes or trades and hardcovers, a dozen statues, and over 5,000 comics! We've been posting several pictures of the books on our Instagram & Facebook pages, and the statues are already in the cases and graphic novels are out on the shelves, but it's going to take us weeks to completely process everything, from the backwall down to dollar books. 

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #68 for 7.18.18

The work really never ends! After getting back from vacation, knocking out those 1,000+ pre-orders for our Batman #50 variant, having a huge week in the shop, and overcoming a few big coloring deadlines, I turn my attention to the most daunting task of all...bagging, boarding, and sorting my own comics from the last six months or so!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #66 for 7.4.18

A reminder that in-store you may purchase 1 copy of the full color, full trade dress version (limited to 3,000 copies worldwide) of our Ssalefish exclusive variant for the standard $4.99 cover price, with any additional copies that you'd like for $20 each. The black & white, minimal trade dress version is $20 as well (limited to 1,500 copies) and we have a very limited number of the sets of 3 that include the full color, virgin version (limited to 1,000 copies) available in-store ONLY (all 900+ online pre-orders have SOLD OUT) for $50! Before anyone asks, you can't use the $4.99 full color offer as a discount on the whole set.

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #62 for 6.6.18

Last night I bought my first Pops since 2014 (back with Arrested Development's George-Michael Bluth "Mr. Manager" spoke to me), but I couldn't resist the Bronx Bombers! Aaron Judge has filled the whole in my heart left by Derek Jeter retiring (also in 2014, and evidenced by this post from last May). The high socks, the freckles, I dig it.

I'll probably go all-in on the Sandlot Pops, too, if I can find the Wendy Peffercorn & Squints Target exclusive 2-pack (I think I've mentioned before that I'm a completist). All baseball Pops, all the time!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #60 for 5.23.18

One of my quiet goals running up to our one year anniversary was a hope that we'd hit 1,000 Facebook Likes. We came up a little short at 996, but split the difference with the 1,014 followers on there and you've got 1,005. I'll count that as a win! And with the new Facebook 10-point rating system, we're certified NM+!

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