Ssalefish GSO First Look #51 for 3.21.18

This weekend I'll be taking the lead as we set up at NC Comicon - Oak City this Saturday and Sunday at the Raleigh Convention Center! Last year's Oak City was kind of me and Jay's public coming out party as part of Ssalefish after our previous work experience, and it was not without it's added stresses and trials, but this year I'm ready to get back to the basics, namely the best hamburger, fries, and shake I've ever had at Chuck's!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #49 for 3.7.18

I'm super psyched with the way this signed for our Pop section turned out. Sir Speedy did an awesome job on the printing and cutting and, to toot my own horn because Jay and Bret couldn't tell the difference, I had a blast polishing up my Adobe Illustrator skills to recreate the Funko logo rather than just stealing one off the internet and trying to make it work.

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #48 for 2.28.17

Not too much to report on the home front this week, what with Jay & Bret doing the real work at the Image Expo and ComicsPRO Annual Meeting in Portland, but I can say that the Hot Toys Spider-man Homecoming figure is already spoken for and our latest copy of Batman Adventures #12 was snatched up last night.

On the other side of the coin, we've got some new vintage Kenner Star Wars vehicles and playsets in the case next to the Pop Wall, so come by and check us out over the weekend!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #47 for 2.21.18

Getting a jump on things by posting on Wednesday night because tomorrow I need to take a trip down to Ikea for a project that I hope to have done by Saturday's Donny Cates Signing!

I don't go nuts for the Olympics, but while we were watching for a few hours at my parents' house on Sunday, one of the athlete profiles on Evgenia Medvedeva caught my eye. She did a whole Sailor Moon-themed program at the Tokyo World Trophy last year, which seems way more legit than the Captain America and Captain Marvel ski suits that some of the athletes are wearing.

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #45 for 2.7.18

When I say there's a ton of new stuff around pretty much the entire store, I'm not exaggerating at all. Last week we beefed up our kids section with offerings from our secondary distributor (Ingram Books), we're in the process of a month long build-up of our manga offerings throughout our trades, there's new masterpiece & boxed Transformers and vintage Star Wars figures in the cases, the backwall is beyond just have to see it all to believe it! And...

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #43 for 1.24.18

It's been a humbling, but eye-opening experience being open the last two days. As far as I know, we're the only shop in the Triad that has been open for business since Tuesday or has new releases ready to go. Many of you put your lives on the line for your comics, and that is so inspiring. At the same time, there's something to be said for having the sense to call it quits when it's no longer safe for you or your customers to be out and about, even with nagging pride telling you to stay in the captain's chair.

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