Ssalefish GSO First Look #24 for 9.13.17

I'd like to take the time to encourage our faithful non-subscribing customers to consider pre-ordering your books. It's absolutely free, you still get your rewards points for everything you buy, and you have the piece of mind that the books you'd like to read most will be waiting for you whenever you come by!

There's no pre-payment necessary, and you can either sign up on an ongoing basis by speaking to myself, Jay or Bret next time you're in, or you can stay ahead of the game a-la-cart by clicking your picks each week via this very website!


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Stephen MayerSsalefish Comics
Ssalefish GSO First Look #23 for 9.6.17

This weekend I'll be taking off two days in a row for the first time since last Christmas and heading down to my parents' place in North Myrtle Beach. It's probably my favorite place in the world (it is for sure if you ask Carly, who claims my entire physical and emotional demeanor changes as soon as I smell the ocean air). It'll be the perfect break before a madcap stretch of events from Greensboro Comicon through New Year's!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #22 for 8.30.17

There's been a ton of grumbling amongst retailers that has trickled out into the comics media, but we maintain our desire not to make our problems your problems, and therefore we're happy to announce that, at both locations, we've qualified for all 29 of the Marvel Legacy Lenticular Homage variants that will be coming out in October, and we plan to do so for all of the titles shipping in November as well!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #21 for 8.23.17

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Dark Night Midnight Release Party! It definitely made it worth staying up past my bedtime, and we're pleased that so many of you are excited about what DC has going on! T-shirts will be in on September 20th, ties will start arriving on 9.13, and the whole thing will be rolling right into Doomsday Clock in November!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #20 for 8.16.17

Those that of you that show up to the Metal Midnight Release Party, you'll receive a FREE limited edition lithograph for each copy of the book you pick up while supplies last, you'll get to visit with the immensely talented Rickie Hopkins (who's been cranking out some killer Dark Knight pieces to prep for the event), you'll have access to exclusive variants, AND you can pick up all of your DC new releases for the week a whole 8 hours early!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #19 for 8.9.17

I'm psyched to meet Shane Davis on Saturday along with the rest of you guys from 3-5 PM! On top of the quality of the New Gods Special this week, Shane contributed to the salvation of the original graphic novel at the Big Two with J. Michael Straczynski on Superman Earth One, and created the perfect creator-owned books for you folks that can't wait for Marvel vs. Capcom to hit, Axcend from Image!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #18 for 8.2.17

We've joined forces with the Winston store, Arkham Comix Rocky Mount & Wilson, Ultimate Comics Durham/ Chapel Hill, Cary, & Raleigh, and Fight or Flight Comics to bring you an exclusive edition of the God Country trade paperback! It'll be on sale next Wednesday at 8 AM and only available in store at one of the above locations, not online! Come grab this limited edition cover and get it signed by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw in the future!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #17 for 7.26.17

There's gonna be a LOT going on this coming Wednesday!

First off, there's my 33rd Birthday/ 33% OFF Backstock Sale (my birthday is actually on Tuesday, but I'll gladly accept any well-wishes or goodies on New Comic Book Day)! Nothing is held back (well, except the backwall), the regular Buy 5, Get the 6th FREE deal will still be in effect, and we're putting out new books as we speak! It's our first sale on the back issue bins, and we need some room for a big changing coming up when September rolls around.

Then there's the double signing, Frog Days of Summer, from 11 AM - 6 PM with Brian "Smitty" Smith and Chris Giarrusso! We'll be celebrating Smitty's book Tree Mail winning the Kids' Comics Awards at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Fest in June, as well as welcoming G-Man & Mini Marvels creator Chris G. to the neighborhood, having relocated to Greensboro over the 4th of July weekend!

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