Ssalefish GSO First Look #118 for 7.10.19

Thanks to everyone that came out and made our rain-shortened Independence Day Firework Ssale such a HUGE success! But we’re not done sweating out the hits just yet, as we’ll be taking the $1 comics (or 20 for $10) over to the GameStop by Target on Wendover tomorrow, Saturday, July 6th from 12 - 5 PM for one final run before we wholesale the lot and start all over for Baltimore Comic Con, Halloween Comic Fest, and the rest of our fall events!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #116 for 6.26.19

Announcing our Independence Day Firework Sale! We won’t have any actual explosives, but we will be in the parking lot under a tent (weather permitting), just like all the stands you see along Gate City Boulevard this time of year! Picture Free Comic Book Day, but TWICE AS MANY $1 COMICS (or 20 for $10), plus $5 each or 5 for $20 Pops and graphic novels, Buy One Get One FREE Ghostbusters merchandise to commemorate the 35th anniversary, other deep discounted clearance items, and Buy Two Get One FREE on all toys in store!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #115 for 6.13.19

It’s kind of a moot point now that I’m looking at the books I’m talking about on the new release shelf, but I’m nothing if not a sufferer of general anxiety disorder with obsessive compulsive tendencies, and I couldn’t live with myself seeing that gap between the 12th & 26th for the rest of my life, busy with HeroesCon or not!

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Stephen Mayer
Ssalefish GSO First Look #114 for 6.12.19

Last night meant turning the lights out long after the Papa John’s drivers made their final run, but it certainly made for a smoother Wednesday morning!

This weekend I’m off to Chicago to visit my niece Ellie! Hopefully we’ll get to catch a game or head downtown, but getting to see her will be well worth the trip!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #113 for 6.5.19

Enough about me, let’s talk COMICS!

Next Wednesday, June 5th sees the release of our latest exclusive variant, Black Cat #1, drawn by one of the most prolific cover artists this century, J. Scott Campbell! Limited to 3,000 copies worldwide (split between us and the folks in the Triangle), we’ve been pre-selling them for between $11.99 (early bird) and $19.99 (eBay), but for all of our local folks we’re charging just $9.99 in-store!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #111 for 5.22.19

Not a LOT to report this week. I’ve been sleeping in my childhood bed at my parents’ house for the last three nights and will continue to do so for the next twelve night, which is both frustrating because I want to get into the new place and get settled, and extremely comforting, especially since I realized that my appreciation for sleeping in tight space and against multiple planes (i.e. back against the bed, side against the wall) most likely stems from sleeping on the bottom bunk against the wall with the bottom of my brother’s bed about a foot above my face.

That’s not exciting. What is exciting is the video above of Lois playing in the ocean last weekend at Myrtle Beach!

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Ssalefish GSO First Look #110 for 5.15.19

We’re moving sooner than we planned (two weeks since accepting an offer on the first day our place was listed), and we’re going to be “homeless,” a.k.a. living with my parents, longer that we first expected (2 1/2 weeks instead of 12 days), but I’m trying to roll with it as best I can. The comic room, pictured above in its present state, was definitely the hardest thing to pack up, but seeing my last twenty short boxes and shelves & shelves of graphic novels amongst our overstock at the warehouse makes me think it’s time to give someone else a chance with a lot of it, so expect many new items in the store stock in the coming weeks!

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